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Welcome to my little slice of the web!  I hope you will stick around a while and check out my music and the up-and-coming projects I am working on.

I'm a singer/songwriter that creates music in several styles - New Country, Instrumentals, Contemporary Christian, Rock, and Blues. Be sure and check out the
Music Page for complete details on each project. You will find the lyrics, the inspiration behind each song, song videos, MP3 song samples, and information on where you can purchase my music.

'Remember When' CD featuring - 'Jalopy Joe'

My current project that I am working on is called 'Remember When.' This will be two EP's, Volume 1 & 2. This project came about through my wife's first attempt at songwriting about two years ago. At her complete surprise, she came up with some incredible ideas that are all based on her reminiscing of her past memories growing up.

The feature song, 'Jalopy Joe,' is the exception, and was written by both of us. You can hear it in the player to your right. Be sure and check out my
Music Page for complete details on this project. We hope to have Volume 1 completed by the end of the year (2020).

Jalopy Joe - Billy Rae Stewart
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Coming In Fall of 2019

Video From Mellow Moments CD

Mellow Moments

This project was a life long dream of mine that has been playing in my head for years. Being mainly a guitar player, doing a project like this could not be achieved years ago from a home studio. But with the midi controllers and virtual instruments available to us today, it is now possible for one musician to produce a project like this.

Most people know me as a Rock and Country player, but in my head is all styles of music just waiting for me and my midi controllers to write! I hope you enjoy the music as much as I did writing it. Here's to technology. Be sure and check out my Music Page for complete details on this project.

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Eternity// From Mellow Moments // Billy Rae Stewart

'Get In The Game'

This CD project was inspired by a sermon I heard about 7 or 8 years ago, but just ended up putting it on the back burner for awhile. I finally got started on it about a year ago, and just kept pecking away at it in my spare time. This will get my full attention after we finish the  'Remember When' CD.

I have been wanting to do a Contemporary Christian CD for a long time, but just didn't feel I could do it justice until now.  'I Hear You Talking' is the first song I'm working on, and you can hear a sample in the player to your right. Be sure and check out my Music Page for complete details on this project and all the other projects I am working on.

Redd Stewart

If you love Traditional Country music & Bluegrass music, check out my father's tribute website. Not only is it packed full of my dad's music, videos and history, but we also use it to preserve the Pioneers of Country music.

I Hear You Talking - Billy Rae Stewart
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Coming In Spring of 2020

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