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(June 10, 2020) My Unexpected Journey

Yesterday I went for my first infusion of Keyturda, which is part two of the drug therapy they are using on me. The other part is Inlyta, which is pill form. This is fairly new in the world of cancer drugs. Combining the two gives me over a 50% chance of remission according to the doctors. The trouble with this stuff is the side effects, which when you read them will scare the crap out of you.

Good news is the most common side effects only effect about 30% of people who take it, and they are not that bad. Already on Inlyta and no side effects so far. When I was sitting in the chair getting the infusion, I wondered how I got this to begin with. Was it all the stuff I was exposed to in my years as a floor installer? When I started in floor covering they were just beginning to realize the dangers of asbestos. And then I thought about my diet over all these years. I got to be honest here, my diet was not what one would consider healthy. Not even close. Lots and lots of fast food and soda and that’s just for starters. In my younger days I could slam down a whole bag of mini Reese's cups in about 15 minutes. It’s amazing to me when I think of all the crap I have put in this body.

And then there is lifestyle. For years after a stressful day of work I would stay up late to listen to or play music. Going on 5 hours sleep was normal for me for years. I convinced myself it was my stress reliever, but all I was doing is adding stress to my life. And then there is genetics. I don’t know a whole lot about my families heath history so I don’t know how much cancer there is in my family.

So what’s my conclusion? All of the above. I think it all played a role, but I think my diet and lifestyle played a bigger role than any of it. The more I research the more it points to bad diet, lack of exercise, and a stressful life. Years ago I remember listening to a tape series by Tony Roberts. One thing he said stuck out and I never forgot it. He said everything a person does is to either gain pleasure or avoid pain. The trouble starts when we make bad decisions. A perfect example is putting off going to the dentist to avoid any pain you may experience only to end up with an abscessed tooth and deal with way more pain than just getting the cavity filled. I could give you a million examples of me making not so smart decisions just like that throughout my life.

Life is about choices we have to make ever day and the choices we make is what got us to whatever point we are at in our lives today. Are there some things that are out of our control? Absolutely. But for the most part it is our choices that determine our future. I could sit here and blame any number of things for my cancer, but ultimately I played a huge role in it. I did not take care of the body that God gave me and that’s a fact.

My point in all this is to talk to those in this group who are not in my shoes. You younger ones who still think it won’t happen to you. What fools we are to say such a thing when everyday we see others succumb to all types of disease. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and the list goes on. You are not indestructible! From where I stand today life is precious. Every minute counts to me now like it never has before. Every doughnut I stuck in my mouth I knew was a bad Idea. I keep saying someday I will slow down, someday I will get my diet under control, but I didn’t do it. Choices. One of the best choices I ever made was giving my life to Jesus. Don’t put it off!

I love all of you and so does God,


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