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July 7, 2020 - My Unexpected Journey

What They Don’t Tell You

One of the things I started doing right after I got diagnosed was to begin to educate myself about cancer and the available treatments that are out there. Thanks to people in this group I have found some wonderful information that has opened my eyes to what is REALLY going on in the world of cancer. Some of the information is quite disturbing, but a lot of the information puts power back into the hands of the person who is dealing with the cancer.

For example, the medical industry is so controlled by the drug companies that their drugs are the only thing they are pushing for treatments for your cancer. The majority of oncologists will tell you it’s the only way. Any other treatments are considered quackery. There are some cancer clinics that are beginning to include some of what others say will do nothing to help you because they can no longer deny the huge amount of research that is showing otherwise.

At the forefront of what they refuse to talk about is the incredible role of diet and exercise. If you do a little research, you will begin to uncover another world of people who are having incredible success just by changing their diet and lifestyle. There are people who are refusing traditional treatments and healing themselves with alternative treatments.

The research behind the effects of proper nutrition for treating cancer is overwhelming. Study after study shows that it is vital in the treatment of cancer. My oncologist was shocked that I was having no major side effects from the drugs I am taking. Most of his patients have to stop and restart the process because they can’t deal with the side effects. Studies show that diet and exercise make the treatments much easier to handle. It only makes sense that giving your body the very things it needs to function at its best should be implemented before, during and after treatment. My oncologist has said nothing about either. Crickets! (silence!)

I mentioned what I was doing and he acted as though it was not important at all. The reason the industry says nothing is they can’t make money off of it. You can bet your bottom dollar if the drug companies could figure out a way to harness the power of vitamins and minerals and put them in a pill they could sell for $15,000 (the cost of one of my drugs) for a thirty day supply they would do it. But they can’t.

I fully believe that my success so far is because of my radical diet and exercise change that I have made. Now I must also say that the biggest part of my success is I pray for God to protect my body from the side effects each time I take the drugs, and have my infusions. I also believe that God was the one who brought the people to me to show me the importance of diet and exercise. It is sad to me what has happened to the medical industry. Greed is a terrible thing. In my next few blogs I will show you some of the amazing things I have learned about diet and exercise and the role they play in the treatment and prevention of cancer. It is indeed fascinating! A little hint, think Garden of Eden.

I love all of you and so does God,


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