Like Father Like Son

Project Inspiration:

This project is the most important of all the ones I will ever do, because it's my tribute to my dad who was one of the most amazing musicians I have known in my lifetime. Most of the project will be my own music that I have weaved into it, the old and the new. I was raised on Traditional Country & Bluegrass Music, but I was a teenager during the seventies and became a rock player because of it.


Blending the two felt like a natural thing to me so that is my goal for this project. Of course this project would not be an honest to goodness tribute if it doesn't contain a couple of my versions of my dad's biggest hits. Scary to do cause the dude is a tough act to follow, but I will give it my best! No date on release because I am taking my time on this one. What you hear in the player below may or may not be on the CD. Just haven't made up my mind yet.

A Work In Progress

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