Nashville, Tennessee Visit
(by Sharon Stewart)

Event Date:
June 2006

Event Location:

Nashville, Tennessee

Event Review:

Between the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, Ryman Auditorium, Grand Ole Opry Museum, downtown Nashville, the Nashville Music Garden, Charlie Daniel Museum, and so much more . . . you can’t run out of things to visit in Nashville!  

We started our trip by pulling the camper into the Nashville campground, and that in itself was a fun thing to see!  All of the streets in the campground are named after some of the Country music stars.  We then ventured downtown Nashville and saw Tootsies Orchid Lounge, where so many of the pioneers of Country music visited and performed, then off to some of the local Western shops, BB Kings’ Blues Shop, Cotton Eyed Joe of Nashville (gift shop), Texas Troubadour Theatre, Ernest Tubb’s Record Shop (#1 & #2), Nashville Palace,  and ended up at Ryman Auditorium . . . wow, what history is there!!!

One of most favorite places of all to visit was the Grand Ole Opry Museum.  You could really take your time going through the museum and soaking up all of the rich history from their displays of some of the pioneers of Country music.  They even had one of Marty Robbins cars in there.

The Country Music Hall of Fame Museum was filled with all types of displays and articles from a wide variety of pioneers of Country music and more.  This is a must see!  Ernest Tubb Record Shop in downtown Nashville is another must see!  A lot of history in that place.

If you  have never gotten the chance to visit Nashville, I hope you will . . . so much to see and learn from the many museums, memorabilia, pictures, displays and people there.  I will let the photo gallery below take you there . . .

Photo Gallery - Nashville, TN (2006)  


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