Grand Ole Opry Museum
(by Sharon Stewart)

Event Date:
September 2004

Event Location:
Nashville, Tennessee - located to the right of the Grand Ole Opry House

Event Review:

What a treat it was to visit this museum!  Inside were items that belonged to a lot of the pioneers of Country music, and were stunning to see! The accumulation of the early music, clothing and instruments used by them is amazing.  It was a beautiful tribute to Country music and it’s stars.  

As you stepped inside the door the very first thing you saw was the famous WSM Grand Ole Opry microphone stand that you could stand up to and a picture of the pioneers of Country music in the background.  As you moved along you stumbled across an old church pew with old metal signs above it like, Goo Goo Clusters, Pet Homogenized Milk, Prince Albert Tobacco, Drink Coca-Cola, Martha White Flour and Purina Chows for Poultry & Livestock.  Next up was a beautiful display of Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart and the sheet music to the ‘Tennessee Waltz’, the song they co-wrote together, and is now a Tennessee State Song, a display of Roy Acuff, Hank Williams & Fred Rose, a fantastic display of Minnie Rose that included her dresses, some pictures of her and her famous straw hat.  

There was a vibrant display of Marty Robbins that included several of his bright Nudie suits, boots, his guitar and pictures of him performing.  The next display was Loretta Lynn, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, Crystal Gayle and Bradley’s Barn.  Another really historic display was pictures of some of the pioneers of Country music, along with their guitars: Jimmie Rodgers, Roy Acuff, Wilburn Brothers and many others. One of my favorite displays was a replica of Patsy Cline’s living room (see photos in photo gallery.)

This museum was a hidden gem, and I felt was even better than the Country Music Hall of Fame itself.  You could take your time looking at the endless items of Country music history, and really absorb what it was like back then.  It’s a shame the museum is now sitting empty.  This museum will surely be missed.

Footnote (2014)
This museum was free to tour at one time. It was part of the OPRYLAND USA theme park, that has since been torn down, until 1997. But after the historic flood Nashville had in 2010, they closed this museum down. The building is still there but the inside has been gutted and now sits empty. Sad.  Next to this museum was The Roy Acuff theatre, that was also torn down after the flood.  I sure am glad that we had the privilege to visit this beautiful museum and cherish the pictures that we took.

Photo Gallery of Grand Ole Opry Museum - Nashville, TN (2004)

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